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MJs Underground 90s Mix Series

MJs burning passion deep inside, busting to escape from his soul at any given opportunity – in the form of no more that 6 podcasts with over 60 underground house tracks from the 90s mixed for your enjoyment!


Dimitri From Paris Presents Le Chic Remix

Dimitri From Paris Presents Le Chic Remix. The Grammy nominated producer, remixer, composer and DJ has made everyone in his repertoire of reworks sound effortless – no mean feat when the original tracks are by the likes of one of Disco’s greatest musicians.

leroy hutson acid jazz records
Artist Reviews

Leroy Hutson

An amazing documentary compiled by Acid Jazz Records on Leroy Hutson. Plus a blog about the anthology 72>84! A ‘Must Have’ compilation of his work. Our very own MJ shares with us how he came across this piece of vinyl while out with the family up London’s west end.

Music Reviews

A Taste Of Nu Disco With A Message

A New EP From Eli Escobar As we constantly see music produced, churned and released faster than ever before, technology has played its part in this process.  Our ways of life vastly changing with the explosion of the digital world, the ‘on demand’ generation. Producers & remixers have to keep up with moving music forward,

stone city band

Stone City Band

This month’s offering is this funky number by the Stone City Band titled, Ladies Choice taken from the album “Meet The Stone City Band out from the shadows”.