Artist Reviews

Barbudo Band | British ‘Nu-eyed funk’

We are excited to feature this highly anticipated single from Nu-eyed funk group, Barbudo. Entitled ‘Secret Admirer’ the song is drenched in funk-fuelled melodies, shimmering vocal harmonies and groove-laden basslines. A must for summer!

brentwood essex

Greg Edwards & Matt Jackson

Brentwood, Essex – Time to get your groove on with Greg Edwards & Matt Jackson, together will be spinning soulful choons for Indulgence Events at the Holiday Inn. A two room venue catering for the over30s who know how to get down… See you there!

mass production

Mass Production – Kelvin Page

This month’s blog is a personnel fav of mine and just happens to be the very first import album I bought from moondog records, a little shop in east ham back in 1982. Mass Production – In A City Groove.