mass production

Mass Production – Kelvin Page

This month’s blog is a personnel fav of mine and just happens to be the very first import album I bought from moondog records, a little shop in east ham back in 1982. Mass Production – In A City Groove.

sugar hill

Music, Clubbing & Memory Lane For Kelvin

Aah Dance by Fine Quality ft Cuz, was signed to the Sugar Hill record label and was released in 1981. The song genre was aptly named as electro funk / disco boogie and was written by Derrick Wright & Sylvia Robinson. It was released during the late 1970s to early 1980s on the renowned rap

Julie Roberts Fool for you

Julie Roberts

Going back to 1983 with this classic track from Julie Roberts Fool for you! Brought to you by our blogger and all round soul man Kelvin Page!

pat lundy

Pat Lundy

Bringing you a lovely upbeat track with a feel good vibe you cannot deny your body from moing, Pat Lundi Party Music – Kelvin Page for Soulful Seduction

colin young

Colin Young – Mercy Mercy

A trip back to 1985 with the Kelvin Page Selection. This month he shares with us a pure gem from Mercy Mercy & Colin Young… Enjoy the music!

Sunfire Young Free and Single
Artist Reviews

Sunfire | Young Free and Single

This month’s blog brings a gem of a track, Sunfire’s Young Free and Single! A great summer tune, that’s very rarely played these days. Have a read while listening 😉 KP

Atmosfear Dancing in outer space

Brit Funk Era

Taking a trip back to the brit funk era with Atmosfear, Dancing in outer space. A futuristic track of the era that holds its own on todays dance floor!

sunfire step in the light

Sunfire in the Ford Capri

This track takes me back to the days of being ‘young free and single’, driving about in my Ford Capri, loving my music and clubbing. Sunfire – Step in the light… Kelvins soul blog!

David Joseph The Joy of Life

David Joseph

This month Kelvin drops a mellow laid back track from David Joseph on the soulful seduction soul bog.. Taking us back to 1983 – be sure to read and share it with your socials!


Jeff Perry – Mr Fix it

Jeffree & Greg Perry two underrated brothers. This months blog post focuses on Jeff Perry’s track Mr Fix it – taking us all the way back to 1979. Read all about his background, career and discography.