From The Back Of The Box With Bully

Bully from Soulful Seduction selects a number of tunes that have been forgotten about from the back of the box, the tunes that we feel need a replay or a brief review before they collect to much dust!

Norman Connors – You Are My Starship/Romantic Double CD

For around £16 you can buy not one, but two classic albums from the excellent Norman Connors This double CD is a box of complete quality from the beginning to the end. Norman Connors who originally began he’s musical roots in Jazz as a drummer, and had he’s first recording in 1967 with Archie Shepp’s ‘Magic Of JuJu, was the start of a very special musician, he later crossed over into the disco scene in 1980 when he had the hit ‘Take it to the Limit’ recorded on Arista Records on a 12 incher.  Both albums offer you a chance to find music that once had been long forgotten. A two for one is a must have! Thank you Amazon!

I Surrender – Drizabone Remix – Delegation

A track that’s been worth waiting for, Delegation has released a tune that pumps any dance floor! a very upbeat disco track with the fender rift makes it just well, special.  Rick Bailey wrote the song combined with the drizabone magic touch, makes this a sure hit.

Late Nite Tuff Guy – Reality

I adore this tune at the moment; it’s very clever, simple but clever. Taking Soul II Soul lyrics and producing this into a very smooth dance floor ‘disco’ tune has been the best ‘remix’ Late Nite Tuff Guy have produced, but then there’s so many it’s very difficult to choose! I’ll let you decide.

Livin Out Loud – I Can’t Stop

The album is now out there and this is my favourite from it.  Livin Out Loud is fronted by Reuben MacCalla and Sylvia MacCalla who perform on the album and have written the majority of the music. Livin Out Loud is supported by a strong base of world class musicians and featured artists.

Nothing Comes For Free

The R & R Soul Orchestra to me are what makes new soul just the best in the world, I know it was released in 2010 this tune, but it is so smooth that 7 years later im still playing it and always will!

Syreeta (1980)

Although re-mastering on this album is somewhat questionable this 1980 album is a must have for the back of the box, the ex-wife of Stevie Wonder (after meeting in the late 1960’s) gave this female reasonable success in the early 1970’s and working alongside Motown’s Billy Preston, makes Grammy Nominated ‘Syreeta’ the fourth solo project. Check out her version of ‘Sign, Sealed & Delivered and ‘Blame It On The Sun’ both tunes co-written with Stevie Wonder. Sadly Syreeta passed away in 2004, but will be remembered by any soul follower, although it is rumoured that a handful of tracks where left over from Diana Ross’ follow-up “Baby Its Me” album. Anyhow equally a nice must have to the cd collection.