A Radio Show? Who Me?


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You’re Never To Old………to learn new things.

Well, after hitting the milestone of middle age that’s certainly something I’ve learned these past three years. It all started back in early 2014 when a brief conversation with Mark Lee, a friend I’d got to know through the Zero Radio station owner Ian Reading, led to me sitting in on one of his Saturday afternoon 2pm to 4pm Across The Tracks radio shows purely to do the social media side of things and to see how things were done in a professional studio environment. Now, up until that point I’d never in my life before even been in front of a microphone let alone stepped into a purpose built radio studio so I was as green around the gills as it was possible to be. Microphones and the thought of talking into one scared the begeezus out of me and always had. Continue reading “A Radio Show? Who Me?”

Phil Attends Soul Family Affair 2017

It’s surprising how quickly a few months can go by and an event can all of a sudden be upon you without ever really noticing. That was the case this year with our annual pilgrimage to the Soul Family Affair Weekender up there on the North Norfolk coast. In fact I can remember the journey home from Margate Soul Festival in August of last year and remarking how far off March of 2017 seemed to be. Well, before you know it Christmas has been and gone and you’re once again wondering if you’ve packed enough undies for the three day weekend and, if you’re anything like my girlfriend Kay, trying to cram half of your entire wardrobe in to one suitcase the night before. Anyway, I digress.

soul family affair

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