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Jayna Blackwell ‘That’s My Song’

 Soulful Seduction are very excited to feature this track From Jayna! Jayna Blackwell, releases new debut single entitled “That’s My Song” featuring Oakland rapper/producer Ken’Yuan. This track harks back to the fun days of danceable R&B music with a nice rhythmic flow and lighthearted party lyrics. A nice debut from California vocalist Jayna Blackwell who […]


Bully Chats To Cleveland Jones

It’s a rarity for the world to experience artistry that is so genuine, so heartfelt…so captivating. Welcome to the world of singer/songwriter, Cleveland P. Jones. He is the true embodiment of soul and jazz. In a world where there is only a handful of artists that will earn the title of “legend”, Mr. Jones is […]


Bully Chats To Oli Lazarus (Reel People)

Oli Lazarus is the creator and responsible for the Papa Records label, and he is also part of the Reel People group, which is a group of artists, performers, producers and British DJs (Seiji, Nathan Haines, Phil Asher, DJ Spinna…) always on the musical edge, thanks to his fusion of nu jazz, broken beat, r […]


Bully Chats To Joey Negro

Joey Negro has been producing with love for close to three decades. Arguably house music’s major proponent of soulful, disco-tinged, vocal records and without question instrumental is its development and popularisation, no-one treats a loop, groove or hook with as much care and attention as Joey Negro. Joey Negro is the most well-known pseudonym of […]

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Leee John Chats To Bully About Retropia

I have been friends with Leee John for a number of years after being introduced to him through a Soul Magazine. I had the pleasure of interviewing Leee about his then ‘new solo’ career.  Since then, Leee has worked very hard to cut back a niche in the elusive music scene carving out a comfortable […]

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Kelvin Continues To ‘Groove On’

“Groove On” by Willie Beaver Hale. This month’s mouth-watering offering from Kevin, is this 1980’s classic A timeless record that most I know will never tire of hearing it played, the song also had Bobby Caldwell as backing singer on it and this gem always transforms me back to our clubbing days and the various […]


Watch Out For Ania In 2017

Ania (Singer / Songwriter) Soulful Seduction welcome our Lee Wells to the team our latest blogger. Lee (Radio presenter & DJ) will be offering you an insight to the modern and classic soul music scene. Ania burst out on the scene as a Newcomer in 2017 with 3 UK Soul Chart successes this year hitting […]


Clarky’s Soulful Selection

Brighton’s very Own Soul & House Music DJ, Paul Clark offers us his selection of November tunes! 1 DJ Romain & Booker T from the EP ‘Disco Dubs 4 Clubs’ – Clarky Comment – can’t hold  the kano dub 2 Inner City  – Pennies From Heaven 2017 Clarky Comment –  release em  release em 3 […]


Lagoona Soul Virgin

I have to admit, it’s been a number of years since I’ve been called a virgin but that’s exactly what myself and the good lady were constantly being referred to in the months and weeks leading up to this years Lagoona Soul holiday in Turkey with another 200 plus music loving sun worshipers. It’s something […]

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Soulful Vocal Discofied House

Citylife | 93 Feet East | Brick Lane If you’ve been to London on a Sunday morning, having been out the night before, you  will appreciate how uplifting the buzz of inner city London can be. Even after the wildest of parties the night before, comforting smells of multinational food cooking along the length of […]