Summer House

summer house by matt jackson

The latest mix from our very own Matt ‘mix-a-lot’ Jackson is finally here!

Building beats with epic scale and drops higher than the tallest skyscraper, this mix brings you no less that 27 full on tracks. Some hot off the press, while others old as the hills.. but together, they work seamlessly!

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Lets just say, my usual soulful laid back vibe has been thrown out the window for this one… This is BIG!
Massive disco proportions, very vocal, and oh so funky…

Tracks from Sy Sez, Raven Maize, Enrico BSJ Ferrari, Dennis Quin, Mousse T, The Shapeshifters, DJ Fudge and so many more!

For downloads (if you dont stream) head over to
or listen below with our embedded player

Enjoy the ride…

ps… dont be selfish please do share with those that care!


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