Carl Anderson – Buttercup

carl anderson

2018 kicks off with this gem of a track written by Stevie wonder, it’s Carl Anderson’s  – buttercup.

Born Carlton Earl Anderson in 1945, a singer film and theatre actor who had many feathers to his bow.

carl anderson

Carl was born in Lynchburg Virginia USA and was 1 of 12 children. Leaving part way through high school Carl opted for a career with US Air Force!  Having served a 2yr stint as a communications technician, a matured Carl decided to complete his schooling, honourably discharged from the Air Force Carl Graduated in 1965.. Later that year Carl went on to sing at various Air Force talent contests around the world.

In 1969 Carl moved to Washington Dc, met some guys and decided to form a group together. They called themselves second eagle, with Carl taking lead vocals. Singing jazz to rock numbers they also covered  some numbers from the Jesus Christ superstar album. But in 1971 things changed for Carl because he was heard singing at a show at st Stephens church by a talent scout who thought he had the potential as a solo artist.

Carl was not only a talented singer but also a fine actor too, he managed to combine the two throughout his career. And in 1972 Carl Anderson  was signed to Motown records,  he worked with some cool current artists on various albums including Stevie Wonders double album ‘Songs in the Key of Life’.

Carl was not only an actor in the theatre but also in film, he played Judas Iscariot in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice Rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Carl also appeared in the black pearl (1978)  Steven Spielberg’s colour purple (1985)  and some tv appearances such as hill st blues.

As you can see he was a very talented man to say the least , and loved the variety of work he did both on and off screen.carl anderson

He went on and sold 9 albums of jazz and soul as a solo artist… The song featured this month is ‘Buttercup’ which was written by Stevie Wonder. The song was taken from Carl Anderson’s album America with our love In 1985.

The single came out on the famous streetwave record label.. It was a huge success in all the club’s up and down the country at the time, and one I see posted on a regular basis on various internet forums. I’m glad to say it’s still in my collection and never tire of playing it, hope you have fond memories of this one.

Sadly Carl Anderson passed away from leukaemia in 2004 a talent very sadly missed… but his legacy will live on in the form of music and film!
Much Love
Kelvin Page