Back to ’79 with Tony Hall

A Rebirth of the Beloved Soul? Hello to all the soul/funk/house family! I feel we are in a perfect moment for the re-birth of our beloved genre. With so many Essex, South East club nights and events, the fabulous radio stations across all mediums (big up to Zero Radio) along with the tantalizing options of

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Bully’s Soulful Holiday Reads…

Bully’s Essential Holiday Book Suggestions Motown: The View From The Bottom Jack Ashford has worked with them all, from early days as a Jazz man, working with Marvin through to The Supremes, Gladys Knight, The Temptations basically anyone in the business in the Motown glory years, the book offers an insight into countless stories from

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Music, Clubbing & Memory Lane For Kelvin

Aah Dance by Fine Quality ft Cuz, was signed to the Sugar Hill record label and was released in 1981. The song genre was aptly named as electro funk / disco boogie and was written by Derrick Wright & Sylvia Robinson. It was released during the late 1970s to early 1980s on the renowned rap

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Clarkeys Large Ones for May 2017

Clarkey’s Large Ones for May 2017  1 Shapeshifter ‘Lola’s Theme’ wow purple disco do what they say and twist the nuts of this anthem 2 Opolopo ‘Put Your Cap On’  Peter Opolopos EP simply titled  ‘Bits n Bobs’ is discotastic tribute to joey negro 3 Marco Valery ft Sharlene Hector ‘Free Love’  DJ Spen and

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A Radio Show? Who Me?

Well, after hitting the milestone of middle age that’s certainly something I’ve learned these past three years. It all started back in early 2014 when a brief conversation with


Soul Weekenders – Too Much of a Good Thing?

Phil Alsford is a presenter on Zero Radio and is our contributing new monthly blogger for all things soulful. Phil will be bringing you reviews, news and thoughts about what is happening on the scene.

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Ed The Red

Summer Is The Coldest Season Bottom Line 3rd Feb. Ed is very excited to introduce his new single called “Summer is the coldest season” featuring a wonderful soul singer Ania and rapper/ R&B vocalist Mister Cotton.