matt jackson disco house
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Bringing you no less than 20 top class tracks in the mix covering all bases of disco house. Vocal – Deep – Soulful & Funky.. You know how MJ Rolls! #Enjoy

summer house by matt jackson
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Summer House

Building beats with epic scale and drops higher than the tallest skyscraper, this mix brings you no less that 27 full on tracks.

Matts Mix Spring Break
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Kavos Warm up Mix

Bringing you 23 massive house tracks to kick start your spring 2019. Enjoy this musical journey, mixing the classics with the new, give it a spin!

MJs Mixes

Weekend House

This, the second mix in the ‘Weekend House’ series delivered with skyscraper proportions, no less than 17 tracks inspired by classic disco cuts, driving vocals and infectious beats.

dj matt jackson
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90s House Mix Volume 7

The sort of sounds you would have been dancing to at a club near you. 29 essential 90s house tracks from the 90s club scene – dj matt jackson in the mix

journey of house
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A Journey of House

Delivering no less than 21 quality house tracks tracks in the mix from Soulful Seductions very own Matt Jackson

mjs closing mix 2018
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MJs Summer Closing Mix

Taking you on a self indulgent house trip, back to the 90s and all the way thru to 2018, including a few vinyl numbers in the mix for very good measure.

soulful house
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Big Bold and Funky

20 big bold & funky beats, linking the past with the future. Classic vocals, 90s piano sections, crossing over between the 90s london garage & house scene. There was no better place or time in MJs mind. Garage City with Bobby & Steve – simply sublime… Enjoy the Ride!

underground house music
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MJs Underground 90s Mix Series

MJs burning passion deep inside, busting to escape from his soul at any given opportunity – in the form of no more that 6 podcasts with over 60 underground house tracks from the 90s mixed for your enjoyment!