MJ mixes with Todd Terry

todd terry

Pioneering House – Todd Terry

WOW… The God that is Todd Terry – this man has played a huge part in the house scene over the years, one of the true pioneers of house!

todd terry house

This mix has been complied by our very own Matt ‘MJ’ Jackson selecting the best productions from Todd Terry and friends!

Kenny G, B-Code, Studio Apartment, MaW, Colonel Abrams, The Good Men, Atmosfear, House of Gypsies… The list is endless…!

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Cool Calm and Funky

miami house wmc

Classic Funky House Special

As you know our MJ loves his house, he says ‘The Funkier The Better’… Its clear we share the same vibe!

In the mix for 90mins

In today’s blog post MJ shares with you his ‘back to life’ selection of 80s & 90s House classics refreshed in the naughties with a modern twist!

WOW… These are the tracks you only hear when the DJ is in full flight, the floor totally on fire, arms up high, hands punching in the air, tracks that really make you get your funky groove on.funky house

Let there be no mistake, MJs track selection is on pointe from start to finish, delivering blow after blow, each track seamless in the mix – Taking you on a pure indulgent journey of vocal, funky & soulful house. Continue reading “Cool Calm and Funky”

MJs Underground 90s Mix Series


When a DJ sits down to actually think about producing a series of mix cds you know the material he selects will say quite a lot about them as a person.

DJs can easily become typecast into a certain format, be it a wedding dj or a generic mobile joc working the scene, all the way thru to a commercial ‘feel good’ anthems kinda dude when they promote specific nights.

However, some djs will have a burning passion deep inside, busting to escape from their souls at any given opportunity.

This series of no less than seven sets is a reflection on MJs inner passion, the tracks he would be playing in the car, on the home system, or even dropping one or two of them at his regular club events. Continue reading “MJs Underground 90s Mix Series”