Bully Chats To Cleveland Jones

It’s a rarity for the world to experience artistry that is so genuine, so
heartfelt…so captivating. Welcome to the world of
singer/songwriter, Cleveland P. Jones. He is the true embodiment of
soul and jazz. In a world where there is only a handful of artists that
will earn the title of “legend”, Mr. Jones is surely in route to earning his
rightful place in musical history.

Cleveland’s music speaks boldly, no fanfare or polishing needed.
Simply put, he committed to his mission to deliver unadulterated
timelesss music and therein offers you the golden keys to unlock this
soulful brilliance. There is much to expect from Cleveland P. Jones in
the near future so stay tuned for a whole new dimension of this future
legend we so love and adore. Cleveland P. Jones is well on his way
to higher places, but he’s rooted in his quest to heal souls one song at
a time.

Bully chats to Cleveland P Jones about music, life and coming to the UK

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