A Taste Of Nu Disco With A Message

A New EP From Eli Escobar

As we constantly see music produced, churned and released faster than ever before, technology has played its part in this process.  Our ways of life vastly changing with the explosion of the digital world, the ‘on demand’ generation.

Producers & remixers have to keep up with moving music forward, which is a huge challenge if quality is of prime concern. Over the last 10 years the increase on ‘nu disco’ is no exception.

The nu disco era was popular in the very late 1990’s into 2000’s then had a resurgence again around 2010. As we swiftly pace forward to 2018 there is another nu disco revival taking place with the releases of such tunes that sound nu but with a classic ‘revamp’

The DJ, remixer, producer that keeps the scene alive especially in New York is a man that goes by the name of Eli Escobar, who has clearly kept his DJ ear to the ground with what’s happening at the moment on the scene.

Eli Escobar is essentially a big name on the New York house and disco scene for the last two decades and earning the right to be respected as a producer, remixer & dj by offering the scene his own twist on house and nu disco. The second album ‘Shout’ was a 15 track offering to the American political establishment, a blended selection of soulful house, twisted nu disco with a message to the relevant!


So it was no shock when Soulful Seduction HQ received details of the new EP titled ‘City Song’ released on 2nd March. A three track superb rework sampled disco & house fullness. City Song Part 1 is our thing, and explained by Beatport as “City Song”, transforming the dubbed-out, disco-influenced deep house original version into a sparkling, piano-heavy chunk of “classic” is pretty much dead on, Eli is at the top of his game. We salute you and respect the music you keep alive.