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A Soulful Jazzy House Gem

follish manBrand new for February is this very seductive track from Angelo Draetta featuring Aliz Smith titled “Foolish Man”. 

Picture your self at the end of a night, smoky underground new york bar… Choons like this are what the ultimate chill-out are made of!

Lyrics were written by Aliz Smith (who also happens to feature in the track as lead vocalist), they talk about a creative man who is staring at the ground waiting for inspiration – We’ve all been there and can feel his pain!

In this fast paced world we frequent, sometimes people have to stop and think about what they have in mind, allowing inspiration flow.

Angelo Continues…

I tried to add ’emotion’ by adding to the track real saxophone and strings, giving depth through the electric piano that is the main part of “Foolish Man”

The track contains lots of Soulful Jazzy House ingredients, including groovy percussions, saxophone, elegant keys and strings…

Soulful Seduction Say

If you need a track to take you away – Then this is it!

Not that we want to give the game away before you’ve given it a play…  Think back to Sade’s hit track from 1984 ‘Smooth Operator’, coupled with vibes from House Producer Lil Louis… Which in our book makes this a pretty formidable track!

Produced and Mixed by: Angelo Draetta
Lyrics and Vocals by: Aliz Smith
Mastered @ LEDA Music Studio

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