Winston Warrior ‘Go High’

winston warrior

The wait is finally over!

Winston Warrior releases his new single and the music industry is already proclaiming his new single “Go High” is a smash hit!


Atlanta born and authentically Southern raised, Winston Warrior painfully lost his virginity to the music industry in the ‘90s. Once a member of the all male breakout group, Lo’ Profile, Winston briefly tasted stardom, to only have his hopes crushed under the pressures of the industry’s harsh realities.  Dreams deferred, he picked up the pieces and became a successful corporate marketing executive, but in doing so quickly learned how unfulfilling it can be to “settle” in life and held closely a deep desire to change course and pursue his dream once again.

Now, Winston is poised for another meteoric return with his revitalized modeling career (featuring his distinctive salt and pepper beard) along with his recent international performance this past October in Fukuoka, Japan.  The climax of Winston’s return to the entertainment scene comes with the release of his brand new single “Go High”; again written and produced by The Exclusives and inspired by today’s unprecedented political climate. As he was seeking to avoid being beset again by the unpredictable low blows that life can deal, he was quickened by then FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s speech that addressed that very thing.  She ended her speech with the words, “when they go low, we go high,” which along with aligning with the spirit of the phoenix, presented as the perfect theme for where Winston had been and where he found himself at that moment. The Exclusives embraced the concept and once again artistically challenged him to peel away the layers to the tenderness and master the life lessons put before him.   In Warrior’s raspy tenor voice, underscored with deliberately modest arrangements, he has opened up to create another authentically positive branded R&B smash hit, modernized with infused synth and strong baseline highlights.