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The Soulful Seduction DJ ‘Hall of Fame’

    Lee ‘Fatbloke’

lee fatblokeLee Fatbloke was guest DJ at a recent Soulful Seduction event and the audience loved him. A high caliber dj and radio presenter, Lee has spun tunes for many years. Considered as a driving force behind regular soul nights in Essex and beyond.  Lee knows how to put on an event with energy and class. As well as a regular DJ at the Caister Soul Weekenders, Lee is also the brains alongside the team for the very successful Lagoona Soul Week in Turkey. For further details visit Lee’s facebook page here

We look forward to having Lee back in the future… keep posted on our events page for whats going on!

Bonnie DJ

bonnie djRecently we had the pleasure of working with Bonnie DJ at our event and the guy is a true legend! Blending tunes that make the audience whoop is what Bonnie does best! The dance floor certainly erupts when he gets behind the decks. Bonnie brings the East London theme to Essex at our Soulful Seduction events and he gets it bang on every time! With a successful radio show and many events under his soul belt we couldnt let Bonnie slip through our fingers.
We hope to have Bonnie working alongside Soulful Seduction again very soon.

Simon Van Os

#svoIf you are lucky enough to attend any of the UK’s top soul events then there’s a big chance you would have seen Simon play or even bumped into him poppin’ on the dance floor.  Not only is Simon a top UK soul DJ, he is also a top dancer and is known on the circuit as approachable and always willing to give time to anyone that wants to talk about music and the scene! Simon has been djing since the 1980’s, learning the basics on the backing of the early electro & hip hop scene. Simon is now part of the Soulful Seduction guest dj team and we are happy to announce that he will be sharing his skills with you all at our All Dayer on 15th August!


Peter Collins

Top DJ & top gent, Pete has been djing since the 1960’s and when you speak to Pete about music you know that he’spete collins vast knowledge is a genuine offering of factual information that will make you step back and admire the years that Pete has been involved in the scene. Which will be shared in writing with his current project about the Jazz Funk scene in the uk – we cant wait for Pete’s book to be published! As well as one of the most respected soul dj’s in the UK, he is also currently busy working at the Caister Soul Weekender events and other gigs. Its a pleasure to have Pete on our line up of Soulful Seduction DJ’s


Paul Kidley

paul kidleyWhen Paul gets behind the decks you are guaranteed to be fully entertained, alongside Paul’s vast knowledge of the music and the scene, he is witty and knows how to have a laugh with the audience. Like most of Soulful Seduction DJ’s, Paul offers you the chance to dance to the highest quality soul tunes and he plays tune after tune. He is the promoter of the very successful ‘Overdose Of Joy’ events as well as held long term residential nights in various bars and clubs across Essex. It’s always a pleasure working with Paul and you know that you’re going to laugh all the way!


Les Knott

What can we say about Les Knott apart from been there and done it! Les is a musical genius and knows when to pull a tune out the bag to ensure the audience dance. As well as a successful radio show you can catch Les organising and djing around the Essex and London soul scene. Les is a regular guest dj at Soulful Seduction events including our all dayers.



Steve Kite

steve kiteSteve Kite is a regular at various events across the UK including the famous Caister Soul Weekender & resident at Frankies in East London as well as managing many of his own successful promotions in Bexley. Steve knows how to work the dance floor right to the edge and back again. It’s a total honour to have Steve Kite as a Soulful Seduction DJ guest for our events.

 Check out Steve on facebook for his latest gigs > here

Merv ‘The Swerve’ Griffiths

Going back to the late 70s when Merv won a ‘rigged’ DJing competition at the Zero6 Night Club in Essex,  saw his love of music take on a new level as a club dj. Since then Merv has worked on many Essex based community radio stations, worked a vast selection of Essex & Kent nightclubs, and now runs the very successful Zero Radio & associated ‘Killer Soul’ nights.  Merv has an eclectic approach to music and will always entertain the dance floor with total command, normally without obvious floor filler selections too… somehow it works!  Make sure you check out his two radio slots on zero – ‘The Bedroom Boogie’ Friday 7pm (uk) & ‘Chilled Choonz’ Sunday from 9pm –

Check out Merv on facebook for his latest projects > here

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews QVRM is another serious contender for top UK soul DJ and it is a honour to be a friend for many years to Bully & MJ, A regular Caister DJ and top soul nights in Kent as well as a regular to Soulful Seduction nights. Tony has been on the soul scene for a very long time and worked his way up the ranks to become the Caister headline dj. We at soulful seduction are very proud to have Tony guest for us.

Check out Tony’s facebook page for his latest gigs > here

Nick Gunn

What can we say about Nick… Well, he loves his music, is totally dedicated to his radio show (The Soul Armoury – Zero Radio) and is a true professional dj who knows how to work the floor. Nick hosts his own gigs in Colchester and has recently appeared at the ‘5 Star Soul’ Goldmine event (Orsett Hall). He was the original zero radio dj to work at the Family Affair Soul Weekender (Hunstanton) and will be playing at the first Turkey Soul Weekender in 2014 (Lagoona Soul)! Check out Nick’s facebook page for his latest gigs > here



Each DJ totally driven by professionalism towards the industry. Second to none for their music knowledge and a total pleasure to work with. Stay chooned for more guest appearances coming to a venue near you soon!