Jacnique Is Back With A Follow Single!

JACNIQUE NINA – Wish of The Heart – Sirenfire Music Works

Out Now

Jacnique Nina follows up her top 10 UK Soul hit from last year (the Nigel Lowis remixed Songbird) with a fantastic touch of soul entitled ‘Wish Of The Heart which is also the title cut to her latest album.

As a sensationally soulful, jazzy, sultry siren. She won “Best Urban Soul Artist” in 2011 Los Angeles Music Awards, under the producer’s Choice category for “Jazz Album of The Year” for her debut album, Trial By Fire. (who’re previous Producers Choice winners include No Doubt, The Black Eyed Peas, System of A Down and Sugar Ray.) It was once said that “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things”. The very essence of that statement is reflected in the mind, body, soul, and music of Jacnique (pronounced Zsa’nique / JA-NEEK ). This sensual, soulful songstress embodies all the qualities of a natural superstar.

She is a prolific lyricist & songwriter, pristine vocalist, sensational performer and a runway renaissance woman. With graceful elegance, seductive sensuality, sassy sophistication, and a truly beautiful voice that seems to trace the very beat of your heart; she sends her audiences into a hypnotic frenzy.