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My choice for this month’s blog of mine, is this 1979 track titled Mr fix it by Jeffree aka Jeff Perry. Jeff brother of Greg perry (remembered for ‘variety is the spice of life’ fame) both brothers in my opinion are very underrated musically. Jefferee signed to Arista Records in 1975, from which a cult song emerged titled love don’t come no stronger which when onto become a cult classic on the UK soul scene.

Greg and Jefferee are not only singers, they went on to become producers and wrote songs for other artists too. Artists such as Holland/ Dozier/ holland the want adds,  Freda Payne and chairman of the board. Pre 1975 Jefferee was with a group called 100 proof aged  in soul where he cut his teeth, here he teamed up with brother Greg perry they co wrote and produced together the gold single somebody’s been sleeping in my bed for the band.

Jefferee perryThe hits continued with a song called pay to the piper for chairman of the board, then there was the gold controversial classic bring the boys home written for Freda Payne. Jefferee worked with Motown for a couple of years, and was close to Motown’s bassist the legendary James Jamerson, he was also a close personal friend of Marvin Gaye. Jefferee also scored a hit for Diana Ross titled one love in my lifetime, he went to Chicago and started working with Chi-Lites and gene chandlers producer Carl Davis.


jeffreeJefferee produced Jackie Wilson’s last commercial album beautiful day, soon after doing all this he launched his solo career on Arista Records with this love don’t come no stronger. By the mid 80s he was married and they moved to Michigan, and along with two wealthy businessmen they formed  master wax  records, then again him and some partners also formed  creative connection productions. After all this time he made the one album which at first didn’t do much until some club DJ’s and Kenny B gave it some airplay again in 1990 and it took off again becoming quite a collectors item now.

Enjoy The Track Mr Fix it…

Much Love


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