Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts Fool for you

Fool For You

This month’s blog brings some 1983 brit funk in the shape of this golden number titled fool for you by Julie Roberts. Straight from the bluebirds record label, another must have record for your collection if you don’t have it already. Juliet Roberts British jazz soul and house singer born in London in1962 she sang as Julie Roberts in 1982. Then 2yrs later Julie did a a 4 year stint, with a jazz band called working week, she also sang with ferry aid and did some work with the funkmasters.Julie Roberts Fool for you

Julie also did some work with uk’s rockschool tv, teaching viewers some vocal performance basics. With addition  to her solo and musical projects, Julie is still in demand as backing vocalist. In 1987 Juliet was part a charity aid group, a British – American ensemble group  singing the beetles song let it be. It was to raise money for the Zeebrugge ferry disaster, all the proceeds from their single was donated to the charity they had set up in the aftermath of the disaster.bluebird records

Who can forget the funkmasters they were funky or what,  Juliet sings ‘it’s over’ one of my all time favs to be honest. The funkmasters another brit funk band that came along just at the right time too and their single it’s over reached No 8 in the charts.  Julie has worked with and continues to sing with various artists and bands to this day.