Leee John Chats To Bully About Retropia

lee e john imagination

I have been friends with Leee John for a number of years after being introduced to him through a Soul Magazine. I had the pleasure of interviewing Leee about his then ‘new solo’ career.  Since then, Leee has worked very hard to cut back a niche in the elusive music scene carving out a comfortable solo career. We first experienced Leee’s versatile voice to musical notes back in 1981 as co founder of one of the biggest funk bands by the unforgettable name of ‘Imagination’ who bought us those superb dance floor fillers such as ‘Just An Illusion’, Flashback and many more.

Step forward to 2017 and 35 years in the music scene under his glittery belt, Leee is not going away! With the release of his superb ‘Retropia’ album and the recent release of the EP Retropia 2, Leee is stepping forward back in to the position he should rightly be in. Vocally Leee does not get any better than this and after speaking to Leee his strength was driven by experience and personal drive and the results are sheer quality. I have seen Leee perform live and he instantly relates to any audience that is in front of him and there is a friendly warmth that exudes from the stage and its not from the stage lighting! Leee is controlled, and business like yet not frightened of being flamboyant and fun and the combination has earnt him the respect he so likely deserves.


Check out my interview with Leee on The Soul Sanctuary Radio Show & for further details visit his website http://www.leeejohn.com and for details of his new album retropia.co