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Anthology 1972 > 1984

While browsing the Soul section of HMV Record Store in the heart of London’s Oxford Street, my daughter holla’s out  “dad what’s one of your records doing in the ‘urban / hip hop section’ “. With all the fuss she made, i had to go take a look at the offending article… Much to my amazement the record she’s was waving around like red flag to a bull, was none other than Leroy Hutson’s Anthology…

leroy hutson acid jazz recordsYep..! it didn’t take much effort for me to add this double album to the shopping list (however skint i may have been during January, it was in the bag).

Itching to get home and play this amazing collection of tracks… the tube home was the longest journey ever made in record time… you know what i mean!

This vinyl was the first i’d tried on my new Rega record deck, so you can feel the excitement burning up inside me… OMG… The opening track ‘Cool Out’ just blew me away… Simply Sublime!

Followed up with another classic track ‘All Because of You’, a Hutson ‘must have’ track.

However, the track that takes me back to my early DJing days is ‘Lucky Fellow’.. The version I remember from the 90s was the Snowboy / Noel McKoy cover – which  thought at the time was an original track… But hey! Lets not get into that here. I was just thankful that Snowboy had brought this to my world…

The Anthology Album is pure class from start to finish – a ‘must have’ in your collection.

The late 80s / early 90s gave rise to a new genre of music in the form of ‘acid jazz’. We had Jamiroquai for the main stream, James Taylor Quartet and Galliano for the deeper vibe (to name a few) all based on the East London record label ‘acid jazz records‘ formed by Eddie Piller and Gilles Peterson..

My research on the term ‘acid jazz’ was said to be coined by none other than Radio and club DJ Chris Bangs… Gilles Peterson noted in his biography with Bangs coining the phrase acid jazz in the late 1980s (around a similar time to ‘aceeeed house’ being on the scene).

Here’s one of my fave acid Jazz tracks of all time.. and i do feel i’m a lucky fellow!

This is a must have album, even if not on vinyl, essential you at least get a digital copy on one of the following links >>

iTunes Store

Acid Jazz Records

Video Interview

As you watch these two short video documentaries you will pick up on so many other BIG names in the day… But many of us ‘non connoisseur’ types may have simply not know about Leroy Hutson… Here’s your chance to embrace such talent.

Some of the opening lines you will hear… “The soul singer you’ve never heard of” or “A master craftsman, crafting great music’. ‘Omnipotent’,”Edgy but soft… arrangement comes to the fore”

Leroy attended The Howard University – Washington DC to study zoology – dentistry. The likes of Roberta Flack / Herbie Hancock / Donny Hathaway all went to the same uni… What a place that must have been!

Check out the VT (Credit to Acid Jazz Records) for this amazing insight.

Part 1

Part 2

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