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lil louis

Club Lonely

Lil Louis is the stage name used by Chicago-born house-music producer and DJ Marvin Burns. He scored a number of hits on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the 1980s and 1990s, three of which hit #1!

His best known song, “French Kiss” featured vocals by Shawn Christopher (best known for Don’t Lose the Magic) and spent two weeks at #1 on the dance chart in 1989.

The track features a several-minutes-long breakdown in which the music gradually slowed down in tempo to a stop. Even with its ‘sensual intimate sound’, it crossed over to some pop radio stations and climbed to #50 on the Billboard Hot 100.

lil louis

Not sure BBC Radio 1 played this track due to its intimate nature, but it sure got the dance floor full of couples acting out what they perceived to be going on during this particular section… What an eye opener!

However, there was another track later released in 1992 called ‘Club Lonely’ lifted from the album ‘Journey with the Lonely’.  Club Lonely is a bouncy house track with opening lyrics lifted from a typical club greeting… ‘Do you not know who i am’.. A clubber making out to be an important person, that really wasn’t all that important… but trying to blag their way in to the club by saying ‘I‘m on the guest list‘… with a reply from the door staff ‘Miss Thing There is no guest list toniiiiiiight‘…!

Yes we’ve all tried it, some with more luck than others….

lil louisIn 1992 Li’l Louis & the World – Journey with the Lonely album featured some incredible jazzy, laid back tracks.. ideal for the drive home from the club, often used by MJ to chill out on a sunday evening!



Give this a spin…

Round about 1min in.. this track bursts into life!

1 “Club Lonely” (featuring Joi Cardwell)
2 “New Dance Beat” (Masters at Work remix)
3 “Saved My Life” (featuring Joi Cardwell)
4 “Aahhhh!”
5 “Do U Love Me”
6 “You’re My Reason”
7 “Dancing in My Sleep” (featuring Joi Cardwell)
8 “Funny How U Luv” (feat. Barbara Tucker)
9 “Thief”
10 “Share”

One of MJs most fave tracks from this album is “Thief”…. give it a spin.. MJ says you will be totally relaxed after listening to this one!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!