Love Injection – Trussel


Trussel – Going Back to 1979


This month’s offering has to be this great 1979 uptempo  funk  post disco hit “love injection” by Trussel. The group formed back in 1972 after meeting at Virginia state college. Funny enough they took there name from a bridge they crossed regularly near to their school The Tressel Bridge but decided  to change its name to what we know as TRUSSEL.

The group back then in 1972  consisted of some guys that  turned out as, not only good friends but could play some funky music.

The group consisted of Ronald Smith ( on drums ) then Michael Gray ( on lead guitar and  songwriter ) then Larry Tynes ( lead vocals and keyboard player ) then There’s bill McGhee ( on trumpet and songwriter) then there’s the versatile Hannon B lane ( on guitar, keyboards,trombone and saxophone. Then there’s H Lorenzo Maclin ( on bass and vocals ) then  Lenwood Jones who played both saxophone and keyboards adding vocals too, last but certainly not least was Michael Spratley  (  vocalist  and adding his baritone sax to the mix.

Atlanta Georgia

Bill Mcgee who originally came from Atlanta Georgia also played with a group called hellaphanalia who I believe later went on and evolved into the group  brick they did “dazz” if I remember rightly. They use to do gigs for free in the beginning calling themselves the snack shop band and the first 2 recordings they did  ” bicentennial boogie and beautiful people which was  brought out on their record label  bridge that gap records. But to be honest either song received little air play around the Petersburg area at the time.

Evelyn “champagne” King

Lead singer Larry Tynes  did expect big things with the group but unfortunately  it didn’t materialise basically due to bad management, But industrious guys they were they owned a record store and a music publishing company they had an eventful time between 1972 and 1979 they had a stint with Evelyn “champagne” King in 1979 as her backing band and in 1980 they released their only  album self titled ” Love injection ” which was produced by Allan Richardson and Fred Wesley which came out on Elektra records. Which i still have it on 12″  thankfully, and yes I still play it.

I know uniDisc  records reissued this L.p. on cd in 1994. Now that’s a l.p. I must buy both on vinyl and CD me thinks,  for me this record Love injection  is still a big fav of mine as I’m sure it is one of yours too,  a tune that still gets everyone up dancing and for me  it’s just another timeless classic that  deserves recognition sadly lead singer Larry Tynes passed away in the late 80s.


Hope you enjoyed the ride!
Kelvin P