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In A City Groove

This month’s blog is a personnel fav of mine and just happens to be the very first import album I bought from moondog records a little shop in high street north east ham  in 1982. Loved that shop it was my second home tbh, loved Saturday mornings we would go to Steve’s hairdressers in Katherine rd east ham to get our wedge haircuts done Steve did the best wedges by far. Even though half the time he had a skinful, he use to send a Saturday girl over to the pub to get a round of beers in,for who ever was in the shop at the time lol. Afterwards we would walk to the high st to moondog records ,and spend a good couple of hours listening and buying the latest must have jazz funk and soul records hitting the club’s.

As you can see its still part of my collection and one i love to play still, its a good all round album tbh. I was introduced to mass production Originally with  their 1979 hit firecracker, which climbed to no 4 in the R&B chart in the summer of 79, but it wasnt until 1982 that I went and bought their import album for a  song titled  in a city .This song I’ve never forgotten about and still play it and still sounds as good as ever.

in a city groove

Mass production a 10 piece band from norfolk Virginia, they had a few hits in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Their first release firecracker was sampled by 2 live crew on their 1989 hit single ” me so horny “. Mass production were as follows Kevin Douglas (bass & vocals) Joseph Robinson Smallwood (trumpet & flugelhorn) Agnes Kelly (lead vocals, vocoder) Larry Marshall (Lead vocals & percussion) Gregory mcCoy  (saxaphone) Emmanuel Redding ( percussion ) Ricardo Williams ( Lead vocals , drums and percussion ) Tyrone Williams  (keyboards) Rodney phelps (Lead guitar, keyboards) Lecoy Bryant (rhythm guitar, vocals).  Here at the bottom is their other hit “firecraker” in case you dont it enjoy.


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