MF Robots – Come On With The Good Thing

mf robots

‘MF Robots’ (Music for Robots)

Every now and again new music tracks from various promoters and artists pop up in my inbox with a view to getting some time and airplay on my weekly radio show. This was exactly how I came across a new release from up and coming duo ‘MF Robots’ (Music for Robots)

mf robots

Firstly, let me tell you a little about MF Robots, who they are and their background. The duo consist of Jan Kincald and Dawn Joseph who met while performing together in the legendary Brand New Heavies with Kincald being one of the founding members, drummer and main song writer with the pioneering soul/funk/acid jazz band with Joseph joining later as a featured vocalist.

The creative spark between Kincald and Joseph soon led to the duo writing and creating music together that quickly took on a life of it’s own. A full body of work soon emerged and MF Robots was born in 2016.

Following on from the release of their debut single on February 17th this year I found their second single release ‘Come On With The Good Thing’ had winged its way into my email inbox two weeks prior to it’s official release on April 14th. Having not read the obligatory press release that comes with every promotional track I receive and also not having heard their first single release ‘The Night Is Calling’ I didn’t quite know what to expect from MF Robots or this track.

Within the first ten seconds of hitting the play button you can hear the clear and ever present influence of The Brand New Heavies in both the vocals and the beat. Now I’ve always been a big fan of The Brand New Heavies so I knew straight away I was going to take to this. It’s got everything I like in a good soulful and funky track. Strong main vocals from Dawn Joseph as you’d expect coupled together with a heavy 90’s mid tempo funky beat together with some quite superb horn and sax coming in at three minutes until the end of the track.

My Verdict: I’m liking it, a lot. As you’d expect coming from a couple of people with the pedigree that both Jan and Dawn have it’s got a timeless quality to it that will please a lot of people who love their soul and funk music.

Both singles ‘The Night Is Calling’ and ‘Come On With The Good Stuff’ are out and available for download now with an expected debut album release date of September 22nd. It’s certainly one that’s on my wish list.

If you missed their debut gig on the 29th April at the CLF Art Café in London you can catch them performing live at the Margate Soul Festival this coming August alongside Trevor Nelson and Arrested Development


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