MJs Underground 90s Mix Series

underground house music

A Growing Collection of Quality 90s House

When a DJ sits down to actually think about producing a series of mix cds you know the material he selects will say quite a lot about them as a person.

DJs can easily become typecast into a certain format, be it a wedding dj or a generic mobile joc working the scene, all the way thru to a commercial ‘feel good’ anthems kinda dude when they promote specific nights.

However, some djs will have a burning passion deep inside, busting to escape from their souls at any given opportunity.

This series of no less than seven sets is a reflection on MJs inner passion, the tracks he would be playing in the car, on the home system, or even dropping one or two of them at his regular club events.underground house musicThe series demonstrates the passion he holds for the underground scene that began for him all the way back in the late 80s while at school.

Having raked thru his vinyl archives, converting the media was a bit of a chore, initial auditions of the tracks revealed the quality had all but depleted from the grooves, with a collection of snaps, crackles and pops… But thats what makes this organic medium ‘feel so right’!

As a teenager MJ spent a fair amount of time frequenting the clubs of London and Essex, where names like Clockwork Orange and Culture Shock were front and centre of the underground scene.

Other such events were held locally in various pubs of Essex, namely The Old Windmill (West Hanningfield) and The Crown (Langdon Hills)…

Inspiration drawn from long distant memories of the good times, shared with good friends, some now no longer with us.

When life gets too much and social media is taking up too much of your time… Switch off, kick back, press play and close your eyes… each track will have their very own special memories for each and everyone of us… enjoy!

For the love of classic soulful house beats


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