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MSFEST2017 On Location

Roaming the streets of Margate Soul Festival seems to always turn into a session of catching up with people you’ve not seen since the last soul gig, mixed up with those precious moments where you actually meet world class DJs and performing artists…. The times Bully & I had to double take and ask each other ‘was that really…’

This time round we bumped into Deadly Smedley & Dr Psycho from Mi-Soul, Claire Licence (one of the main organisers behind Margate Soul Festival) and Mr Messy, who’s been part of the festival right from the very beginning!

We also have a quick chat with Ian & Merv from ZeroRadio, who have been hosting the Main Stage in the Margate Piazza for the last 4 years. And we catch one of the Zero Radio presenters lurking in a back alley way up to no good… Not mentioning any names Bud 😉

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See you next year!


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