New Jersey Connection

love dont come easy

Love Don’t Come Easy

new jersey copnnectionThis month’s favourite golden oldie is this 1981 song love don’t come easy by the New Jersey Connection.

New Jersey connection were Eddie Saunders and Kevin Marshall, ‘love don’t come easy’ is always on rotation on my playlists at home just another great song of many that I never tire of hearing or playing.

New jersey connection are set in stone in the disco hall of fame for me and their 1981 smash “love don’t come easy” on carnival records. It became a hit all around the globe. I can still remember froggy playing this back in the day, and I think it was snoopys in chadwell heath if my memory hasn’t failed me 🙂 that was the first time I heard it played and loved it ever since.

Move on a few years to 1987 and band leader Eddie Saunders had many other musical groups and acts going on. Here in the late 1980’s he teamed up with Cynthia Wilson to record this lovely modern disco cut titled red light green light. For some reason the project got shelved and they returned to it only last year. With a few tweaks here and there they deliver another beautiful slice of New York Soul. Which I’m sure you’ll agree another nice track penned by the great eddie Saunders, thanks for music gentlemen your music will not be forgotten that’s for sure.

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Hope you like this one as much as me!

Much Love