Catching Up With N Trance



Stepping back to the early 1990’s when the dance era was in full flow, N Trance where developing as a reputable dance band and the hit ‘Set You Free’ recorded at Revolution Studios in Cheadle Hulme back in July 1992 pushed the band on their way to chart success after a number of releases to Top 40 recognition and popularity. The future was very good for N Trance. So where are the band now? Soulful Seduction manage to catch up with them on a busy schedule and new release on the way.

1.      What have you been up to since we last had a release from N-Trance?

We have been releasing songs on the Clubland compilations, but over the past few years all the band members have been settling down & starting families. Luckily our lead singer is moving back from London to live just up the road from me in Wilmslow… so it’ll make recording new songs much easier. We all live pretty close together now so we are looking forward to getting back to what we do best.

2.      What can fans expect from N-Trance this summer?

We are hoping to release a new single called ‘Higher’ this summer & then an album called ‘Brainstorm’. Our plans so far are to release it on our own label called ‘DaForce’. We chose this name to honour the memory of our bandmate Ricardo Da Force who sadly passed away in 2013.

3.      What has been your favourite city to perform in in recent years?

It’s always nice to perform in our home city of Manchester… but recently we did a tour of Australia & Sydney was amazing. Even had a view of the opera house from our hotel window. The vibe is so laid back over there – it would definitely be good to go back for a holiday and spend some more time in Sydney.

4.      How do you like to relax when you’re not touring?

It’s a funny thing touring…. when you’re on tour you can’t wait to get home, but when you’re at home you can’t wait to go on tour. I just live a quiet normal life when not touring… working in the studio, gardening, school runs. I spend a lot of time over in Wales going on long walks and it’s great for star gazing! I always been fascinated by space, which I think really comes through in our songs.


5.      What do you consider your biggest achievement?

Just surviving this length of time in the music industry, as I started making music 30yrs ago when I joined a college band as their keyboard player. We’re probably busier with gigs now than we were in the 90’s… nobody really follows the charts anymore so as long as we keep taking vitamins, we might be doing this for another 30years. I’m so proud that my daughter can listen to our songs and she is asking if she can start coming along to gigs now that she’s turned 6.

6.      Where can fans come to see N-Trance this year?

For DJ sets pretty much everywhere in the UK & over to Ibiza and Kavos in the summer as well. For the Live PA’s we have Festival dates all over the UK, and are currently preparing for tours in Europe this summer with a load of other 90’s bands. We love playing at the massive open air arenas.

7.      What is your favourite track to drop in your current set?

We tend to remix old songs & update them for our set, as most people expect us to play 90’s tracks. It’s always nice though that we can drop ‘Set You Free’ at the end of a set. It still takes the roof off.

8.      What tips would you give to any aspiring DJs and producers coming through the ranks?

It’s always best to seek advice from somebody who has been around in the business for a while, as it’s better to learn from somebody else’s mistakes than your own. If you’re uncomfortable with discussing fees & contracts then a manager/agent might be a good idea. The number one rule is though: Always trust your gut feeling!

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