Pat Lundy

pat lundy

This month’s blog, I introduce Pat Lundy (or lundi) with a little number titled ‘Party Music’.

Pat was born in New York city in 1941, she was an accomplished actress and singer. In the early days she started singing with a group called the symbols.

She left the symbols in 1962, she went on to marry an actor by the name off Chuck Patterson. He was a equality advocate for minorities and woman.

Pat joined the SGI  (Soka Gakkai International) to help and highlight peace in the world. Which she did successfully till she passed away.

pat lundi

Pat, over a 20 yr period put out albums and singles on DELUXE,  RCA,  TOTO, LEOPARD, and  HEIDI  record labels. Check out her discography in our chart blow!

Personally I think ‘Party Music’ was her most remembered and played track. Its a great upbeat track that always gets everyone up dancing – give it a spin…

Sadly pat was diagnosed with brain cancer, and passed away in 1994 aged 53.  Pat certainly gave us some songs to remember her by thanks for reading guys  🙂

Kelvin Page

108 – Come To Me/Make it For The Door
111 – We Got A Thing Going On/I Really Love You (with Bobby Harris) 1965 Deluxe
45-114 – Another Kind Of Feeling/One Woman
45-118 – Prove it/Only Mama That Will Work The Line
45-130 – I Apologise/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
45-126 – I’m Your Special Fool/Another Loving Kind Of Feeling (1967)
43989 – Wildfire/City Of Stone
44624 – The Complete Man/Mr. Rain maker (1968)
44145 – Any Day Now/Nothing But Tears (1968)
44312 – Soul Ain’t Nothing But The Blues/Another Rainy Day (1967)
44506 – What Now My Love/Does She Ever Remind Me Of You (1968)
44773 – The Thrill is Gone/City Of Stone
*9588 – LP – ‘Soul Ain’t Nothing But The Blues’ (1967)
740951 – Thank Heaven For You/He’s The Father Of My Children (1973)
1036 – Closer/Friend Of Mine
*APL1-0215 – LP – ‘Only Spoken Here’
102 – I’ll Keep Pressing/Play It Again
1723 – Party Music (1975)
Cathedrals (DC La Rue) / Day By day (Pat Lundy)
Ain’t No Pity In Naked City / Let’s Get Down To Business
One To One/Baby Don’t You Let Me Down
Work Song
LP – ‘The Lady Has Arrived’ (1976)
LP – ‘Loving You Is The Funkiest Feeling’ (1977)
Leopard5009 – It’s Raining Outside/Hal’s Belles