Soulutions – Thankful


The release of their debut album ‘Destiny’ back in August 2015 was quite rightly regarded by many to be one of the highlights of the soul music year with the track ‘Listen’ going on to be remixed by Drizabone Soul family and the album as a whole gaining rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic and across Europe. With the notable exception of the the single ‘I Got To Party’ in September of 2016, which incidentally hit the number two spot on the Amazon R&B chart on it’s very first day of release, we’ve heard nothing from this 9 piece soul band since.

I’m pleased to say that it looks like that’s all about to change with the impending release of their second album planned for September this year. If the other tracks on the album are anything like ‘Thankful’ the one I’ve just heard, then I can 100% guarantee we are in for a special kind of treat.

SoulutionsSteve Lee and Louise Mehan (the founders of Soulutions) and the other members of this great British soul band have created what I think is a sound uniquely all their own. It doesn’t go out of it’s way to be different but rather sticks to a formula that works and works in a way that once you hear the first few beats and vocals you know it’s going to leave you wanting to hear more. And speaking of vocals. Louise doesn’t go out of her way to let you know she has, in my opinion, one of the most soulful signing voices around at the moment. Her voice has a crisp clear sound to it that doesn’t need power for the full range to be appreciated and enjoyed. Couple that together with a soulful beat that you just can’t help ‘bobbin’ to, a full orchestral backing of strings and horns and an oh so slick production and you have a recipe for an absolute monster of a soul scene hit. Am I looking forward to the album? If this is a taster of what’s to come. Oh boy yeah, not arf pop pickers!

The single ‘Thankful’ will be officially released on 16th June but if you want to hear for yourself why I’m so enthusiastic about it just tune in to Zero Radio on any one of the LIVE shows and you’ll almost certainly get to hear it.


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SouLutions first LONDON concert confirmed!
June 29th at the Jazz Cafe…

melba moore
As part of there first mini-tour at the back end of June this year, SouLutions have confirmed that they are to play the iconic Jazz Cafe in London…
Louise said today “it’s always been the dream to play an iconic venue in London like the Jazz Cafe, but to do this and support a star like Melba Moore is a dream come true”.