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stone city band

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This month’s offering is this funky number by the Stone City Band titled,  Ladies Choice taken from the album “Meet The Stone City Band out from the shadows”. With huge input by the the legend and king of punk funk Mr Rick James the band played some funk of pure raw energy, and were ready to fire up that funk for us all to enjoy, well I know I did.

Stone City Band formed in 1978 by the king of punk – funk himself Mr Rick James, the band was Rick’s exclusive recording and touring band from the beginning till right up to the very height of his career. Including some timeless tracks like, ghetto life – fire and desire – you and I  – super freak – and many more of coarse.

Still to this day various artists around the world sample  some of stone city bands music especially the hip hop scene that’s the legacy the stone city band left the music world with. Rick born James Ambrose Johnson Jnr, in February 1948 in buffalo New York.

He realised early that he wanted to be a musical artist, James started his musical career in his teens, he drifted from band to  band until the early 60s when joined the u.s navy.

He moved to Toronto and formed a band called the Mynah Birds, and they signed a recording deal with Motown Records in 1966.

stone city bandBut the military caught up with him and found him guilty of avoiding being drafted into the army, so  he received a one year prison term which he did, after that rick moved to California, where he started a variety of rock / funk groups through the late 60s and 70s.

After heading back to New York in 1977 he formed the Stone City Band, James had finally found success as a recording artist after signing with Motown’s Gordy Records. They released the album come get it in 1978, where the hits you and I – and many Jane were released the album went platinum selling over 2 million records.

This was followed by 3 more album releases  one of which  meet the stone city band – out from the shadows brings us my favourite  ladies choice.

Ricks most successful album though  was street songs in 1981 which included give it to me baby and of coarse super freak. Sadly Rick James passed away on the 6th August 2004, he was found at his Los Angeles home in Oakwood Toulca hills apartments.

R.I.P. James thanks for the music!