The Band AKA – Grace

the band aka

This month’s taster is from 1982, A classic from the band AKA entitled ” Grace “. For me an old but gold track. The 7 piece band themselves were mainly session musicians, and were headed by Jaeson James Jarrett. They were mainly based in Los Angeles, the single grace was taken from their debut album band aka in 1981. They went on to make 3 albums from 1981 to

the band aka

1988, these 2 singles did better than some of the others released and actually hit the charts with ” Grace ” then followed in 1983 with ” joy “.

The band aka were keneth Allen – st Michael Fitzhugh, Wayne King Pulliam, Andrew Piesak, Jimmy Carter, Jaeson James Jarrett and Booker Metlock.

The group signed to the famous epic record label, grace hit the charts and more importantly the club’s. I remember it like yesterday hearing it, and straight away rushed out and bought it from Sgt peppers record shop in east ham.

The following year they released ” joy ” also on the epic record label, which has always been a personal fav. On both ” grace and joy ” great bit of sax playing by band member Jimmy Carter.


Over their 7 year career span of making music together they wrote and recorded 3 albums, the first was.

1. The band AKA – 1981 on ppl records

2. Men of music – 1983 on epic records

3. Master of the game – 1988 on bouvier records

Sadly after this success they had, they decided to call it a day, thankfully they left us with some great music to continue to enjoy for years to come.

Here is a list of their their music that I enjoy listening to still to this day, let me know your thoughts!

1981 – steppin out

1981 – new beginning

1982 – Grace

1983 – if you want to know

1983 – men of music

1983 – joy

1983 – work me all over

1983 – Its you that I need

1984 – You and i

1985 – Ethiopia

1987 – Love, lust, romance

(Year unknown) – Hot for the bod

Another notable track from a similar time was this belter from Arthur Adams… ‘You got the Floor’

I hope this blog brought back some great memories listening to these gems again.. and hope they lift your day like they did mine!

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