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your never too young

This month’s blog is a cool summer tune that puts you right in the mood for letting your hair down. This 1985 release “you’re never too young” was taken from the ‘have a good forever’ album.

the cool notes band

The cool notes as we know, we’re part of the Brit-funk scene in the mid 80’s. The group formed in  south London I believe!  They had a string of hits along the way. Especially between 84 and 86.

The group made up of both very talented singers and instrumental artists, they were Loxley Williams,  Lorraine McIntosh, Peter Rowlands, Ian Dustian, Lauraine Smart, Steve McIntosh, Mel Glynn, Heather Austin, Peter Lee, Gordon and JC..

I know “spend the night” and “in your car” reached higher chart positions  than “your never too young”, but this one is still a personal favourite of mine.

Their career spanned from 1979 – 1991 having 11 chart entries.

Here’s the track listing for “have a good forever” >

A1 Look What You’ve Done To Me
A2 My Love Is Hot
A3 Why Not
A4 Come On Back To Me
A5 Have A Good Forever
A6 Spend The Night
B1 You’re Never Too Young
B2 I Don’t Wanna Stop
B3 All I Wanna Do
B4 I Love You
B5 In Your Car

I hope you enjoyed reminiscing on this one as much as I did..

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