The Dukes | Mystery Girl

The dukes – Mystery Girl

the dukesThe dukes were Dominic Bugatti and Frank Musker, they spent a lot of time in the background to be honest. The guys did some writing for others also, they wrote hits for some mainstream artists  such as Sheena Easton (Modern Girl) and air supply (Every woman in the world ).modern girl sheena easton

They mthe dukeset music producer Arif Martin who gave them a shot in a studio with some great musicians. With their help they created an album of oriented rock and blue eyed soul it was released on WEA Record Label in ’82 and to this day it’s stood the test of time and for me remains a forgotten treasure.

The Dukes used some great musicians like Jeff Porcaro Steve Lukather (Toto) they method relied on the catchiness of the opening of the track mystery girl, it certainly keeps you hooked!

The mood is set with their set of melodies  that in a instant can go from soulful ballads to hints of some synth disco. Frank musker was a fan like most of Quincy Jones and when moved to Los Angeles he met and did some work with Quincy himself. Only  recorded 1 album but sadly it wasn’t a hit. If you remember it let me know your thoughts cheers have a listen 🙂


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