The Lost Album From Marvin Gaye

You're the man Marvin Gaye

Recently announced as the ‘Lost Album’ from Marvin Gaye, the release date for ‘You’re The Man’ March 29th and wait for it, 4 days ahead of what would have been Marvin’s 80th Birthday!

You're the man

Step back to 1971, straight after the very successful ‘What’s Going On’, the lost gem album was originally going to be released as a follow up, but Marvin decided to scrap the idea due to political differences. But luckily, now we are still graced with the singers talent and uniqueness, obviously its full of Marvin pureness, as normal, politically driven, with sensual perfect vocals. Perfect.

Also watch out for Marvin’s ‘A Tribute To Nat King Cole’ originally recorded in 1965 from the label.

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