This Beat is Mine

this beat is mine

Capris & Clubs – Lets Take You Back!

This month’s blog taster is the disco classic from 1982 entitled “this beat is mine ” sung by Vicky D.

The release of this tune was on the SAM records label in the USA and in the UK, Virgin records distributed it and although it was a ‘one hit wonder’ on the soul scene at the time, for me personally it’s always been a timeless classic. And one that I post regularly on some of the music groups on social media.

this beat is mine

Vicky D had a short career In the music industry, the group made two songs, the first being ‘this beat is mine’ and what a tune it is, especially as it’s now 35 years old. This beat is mine sounds as fresh now as it did back then, the second track they brought out was a reggae song entitled mystery lover sadly it never hit the charts.
Both songs produced by Gary Turner of Gary’s Gang and the songs written by Andre Booth, who also collaborated with fellow musicians such as MC Shan big daddy Kane and Lords of the Underground.





The band were new York based and were a disco – garage house band.  The year the tune was released was the same date I bought my first car a 2 year old ford Capri – oh happy days!

Vicky D hit number 30 in the US billboard club play single charts, they managed to climb to number 11 eventually, but the song did much better here in England. The song had the club’s rocking it was always a floor filler . I heard it played at various clubs but it always sticks out it being played by dj Froggy at Oscars club in Newbury Park in London and it blew me away.

When I first heard it. I mentioned that in 1982 i bought my first car after just passing my driving test, as you can see here is a photo of my first car above is me on the left and an old mate Paul Darren sitting on the bonnet of my Capri circa 1982 .

ford capri

I drove us all over the place in that car to all various club’s and bars to get our fix on the soul music scene. I certainly clocked up some mileage but let’s face it wasn’t it worth it, absolutely I say. Apart from not driving South side we attended all the must go to bars, club’s and pubs in Essex and parts of London that were playing jazz funk and soul music. Flicks in Dartford and stage 3 in Leysdown were the only venues we attended South side tbh.







Bring back those days I say 🙂

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