Tuesday’s Offering…

The Award Winning Soul Sanctuary Radio Show With Bully

NEW DRIVE TIME SHOW 5pm – 29th August 2017

The Award Winning Soul Sanctuary Radio Show – Runner Up 2016 Soul Survivors Magazine – Tuesday Edition

The Soul Sanctuary TUESDAY | THURSDAY | FRIDAY With Bully 5pm – 7pm

Superb selection of modern and classic soul through to 7pm, and its doesn’t get any better than this, at 5:30pm we offer you 15 minutes non-stop selection of music blended perfectly! After 6pm (UK) – a whole 60 minutes of anthems and good time tunes coming up.

Get in touch during the show for a mention via my fb page or available on www.zeroradio.co.uk – ZeroRadio – Twitter @Zeroradio – email studio@zeroradio.co.uk or visit www.bullyontheradio.info